August: Potlucks!

August Theme: Potlucks. What do you take with you?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Unfold the Turkey

I found this recipe in my Human Development textbook today. It was so cute I decided to share it. This recipe was originally from "Smashed Potatoes," edited by Jane Martel.

1 big bag full of whole turkey (get the kind with no feathers on, not the kind the pilgrims ate.)
A giant lump of stuffin'
1 squash pie
1 mint pie
1 little fancy dish of sour berries
1 big fancy dish of a vegetable mix
20 dishes of all different candies; chocolate balls, cherry balls. good'n plenties and peanuts.

Get up when the alarm says to and get busy fast. Unfold the turkey and open up the holes. Push in the stuffin' for a couple of hours. I think you get stuffin' from that Farm that makes it.

I know you have to pin the stuffin' to the turkey or I suppose it would get out. And get special pins or use big long nails.

Get the kitchen real hot, and from there on you just cook turkey. Sometimes you can call it a bird, but it's not.

Then you put the vegetables in the cooker- and first put one on top, and next put one on the bottom, and then on one in the middle. That makes a vegetable mix. Put 2 red things of salt all in it and 2 red things of water also. Cook them to just 1/2 of warm.

Put candies all around the place and Linda will bring over the pies. When the company comes put on your red apron.

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