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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bear Claw (apple dessert) or Cinnamon Rolls

This is a delicious recipe using cannery dried apples. It can be halfed for more of a single family size.

Bear Claw
-Rehydrate 5 cups of dehydrated apples by soaking them overnight.

Mix together the following ingredients and let rest for 15 minutes:
2 1/3 c. warm water (hot to the touch but not burning. ~120 degrees F)
1/2 c. sugar
2 Tbsp. + 2 tsp. yeast

Preheat oven to 425
Grease Pans
Melt 1 cube margarine or butter (1/2 cup)
Make cinnamon/sugar mix: 2 Tbsp. cinnamon to 1 c. sugar

To yeast mixture add:
2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
2/3 c. oil
6 2/3 c. flour

Mix well:
Roll dough into an oblong shape on floured surface, transfer to baking sheet. Spread 1/2 with melted butter. Place 1/3 of apples over butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture to taste. Fold dough in half lengthwise and lightly seal edges with fingers. With kitchen shears cut 2 inch "fingers" 3/4 of the way through dough, leaving at least 2 inches along back uncut. Twist each finger twice and then lay back down on baking sheet. Repeat until all fingers are completed. Let rise about 10 minutes. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes.

Each recipe yields 2-3 bear claws, depending on size. (They are about the size of a loaf of french bread each).

In a small sauce pan place:

1/2 cube of margarine or butter (1/4 c.)
1/3 c. milk

Heat until hot but not burning, remove from heat and add:

1/2 tsp. vanilla
Pinch of salt
3 1/3 c. powdered sugar.


Same dough can be used to make delicious cinnamon rolls. Instead of forming bear claw, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and raisins if desired, roll dough from the long side and cut in one inch wide rolls. Place in greased pans with sides of rolls just touching. Follow same cooking instructions.

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