August: Potlucks!

August Theme: Potlucks. What do you take with you?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi! My name is Kathy Thomander. I was born in Germany, but since I was four we lived all around Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Dave and I met here in the Springs the summer before we both attended BYU-Idaho in the fall. We fell in love and were married Aug '02. I got two years of college under my belt, and then we were blessed to have Kayla. She is 4 1/2 and so happy and bouncy we call her "Tigger". I love being her mom.
Moscow was awesome. Mostly for the wonderful experiences we had, our ward, and the awesome people we got to meet. We miss it already. I loved the recipe swap! I loved the food and chatting and sharing. I miss all of you! This blog is awesome to help us keep in touch and continue the sharing!!!
This last May Dave graduated in Civil Engineering with a Bachelor's and commissioned with the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant Officer. We got stationed in Colorado Springs, CO; that's where we are right now!
I love to cook. My mom always let us kids help in the kitchen. My mom also participated in craft shows selling quilts and things and let me sell cookies and treats and keep all the profit from them. For family night I was often in charge of the treat, and spent many a Sunday afternoon trying out a new recipe.
I remember one disaster where we had bought a really yummy fruit filled braid from a school fund-raiser. (a.k.a.-expensive) It needed to rise, so I put seran wrap over it. After it rose I stuck it in the oven. Except, I had forgotten the seran wrap! The seran wrap had melted over the bread. It stunk of burned plastic and everyone was disappointed not to eat it. Whoops!
Some things I enjoy are cooking, reading, scrapbooking(I'm a beginner), being a mom, having tea parties, watching chick flicks(the good clean kind), having dates with my honey, entertaining in our home, and singing (esp. in the shower).


Liz said...


I am excited to hear from you again! Your hair looks cute short. How is your family? We miss you guys....

Jennifer said...

Kathy, you are just too stinkin' cute! Posing in front of the stove...awww!! I miss you already.

Yearsley couple said...

I can't believe I ran into this blog. My blog is look me up love you. love Kathryn Yearsley

Porter Family said...

I love your hair!!! I miss you. How's CO?