August: Potlucks!

August Theme: Potlucks. What do you take with you?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm Heather. Half of the host of the Porter Party blog. I like this picture because it looks nothing like me. I normally have Medussa-ish curly hair and don't get a chance to get gussied up all the time. This was for family pictures and it happened not to be that humid of a day. Anyhow, my daughter, Ashlyn, is in the picture with me.

Our family lived in Moscow for two years ('04-'06) and ended up really liking it there. We were among the very few who weren't in law school. My husband grew up in Post Falls, Idaho and I grew up all over the place. (No, not a military brat, my dad worked for AT&T). I went to BYU and finished a BS in Health Science and then went to Physical Therapist Assistant school up in North Idaho where I ended up meeting my husband. He's crazy. We are a Singles Branch success story. Pretty sick, if you ask me.

Anyways, I worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant full time up until I had our son, Payson, who just turned 4. I have my license still and have worked either part time or per diem since then. Ashlyn joined us almost 18 months ago. We left Moscow for Illinois to allow my husband to finish a Masters degree which he is currently almost done with (August) and then we won't be students any more!!! YEA!!

I HATED cooking when I was growing up. I was more concerned with playing sports. I loved being around my grandma when she was cooking, but I had no interest in it at all. We had a babysitter once when I was about eight who let me and my younger brother make soup. We got a pot, filled it with water, added a few slices of torn bologna, tore up a few pieces of lettuce, and added a bay leaf-or maybe it was a real leaf from a tree. (Hey, I saw my mom do it in spaghetti sauce all the time). It was disgusting. I still have issues mastering soup recipes. I just told this story to my husband and he said, "What kind of babysitter did you have? Was she even watching you guys? What was she thinking?" As a parent now, I have to agree with him.

I've only created one recipe and posted it already. Mango Salsa. Yum. I'll think of my favorite recipe and post it later. We miss all you Moscow people, but I'm glad we got a blog started! It is fun catching up with everyone and getting to know all you new people who I have heard about from Kathy and Kirsten. I love trying out all your recipes, too.

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