August: Potlucks!

August Theme: Potlucks. What do you take with you?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Topic

For the month of May, we are asking everyone to do a little intro about themselves. I think I know everyone on the blog, but some of you have been gone from Moscow for a couple of years, and some of you are just finishing up your first year there. So we are thinking that everyone should do a post about themselves. Use your first name as a title, and write a little about yourself, your family, whatever you want. Also tell us the story of your worst cooking disaster. Don't put too much information because this is a public blog.

As far as a recipe topic . . . did we make a decision about that? Are we doing our own favorite recipe? Or something summer related? I liked the salsa idea, but my only salsa recipes I got from people on this blog: Leslie & Heather. (Both are heavenly recipes if anyone else needs a good one.)

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Leslie said...

We could do our favorite summer meals, and that could include mains,sides,salads...? I don't really, basically I just wanted to know if anyone else has good salsa recipes! It's getting warm, it is so time for SALSA!! I think our favorite recipes, or maybe a recipe we created might be fun. Then it really would be our own. I think when we post about ourselves, yea, leave all personal info off, just do basics, but tell something fun about ourselves, like... our worst cooking disaster of all times. I don't know, it's always fun to add something like that. :)